Call for Submissions: Perspectives on the Future of Social & Care Work

We call upon our social work and care work colleagues who are interested in the future of care work.

How will social work respond, broadly, to climate injustices and political instability? What new perspectives could be incorporated into care work to improve the public’s health?

Potential Topic Ideas

1.) The mind-body connection including writing around substance use, mental health, trauma, mindfulness, etc.
2,) Clinical/micro social work practices reflecting public/macro related health issues.
3.) Reflections on social/care work training such as graduate-level nursing, social work, nutrition, and other care-related degrees.
4.) How the changing climate, political changes, or technological advances may affect social/care work.

Important information for submission:

Types of writing: We accept a broad range of format, including personal narrative essays, opinion pieces, journalism, popular science articles, and literary fiction
Deadline to submit: November 1, 2019
Word count: 500-2600 words
Images: Please include images with relevant citations; indicate they are royalty-free, or that you have permission to use them.
How to submit: Use the template located on the Submit to Us page, and then submit using the google form link on the page.

Please email with additional questions!

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