These principles guide our publication:

1. Responsible Writing

Intervene Upstream recognizes the obligation to responsibly cover science and health topics, especially since our voices may be used as watchdogs, holding the powerful accountable, and attempting to give voice to marginalized people.

2. Professional Standards

We recognize the potential challenges of discussing health issues; as such, we’ve adopted the Association of Health Care Journalists Statement of Principles.

3. Confidentiality

One relevant issue to a public health publication is the protection of confidential information about clients, patients, research participants, or community members we serve. Intervene Upstream affirms that respect for these individuals and their privacy is paramount in health journalism. As an online publication and an educational experience for budding public health writers, Intervene Upstream holds its writers and editors to the highest of standards of journalistic integrity and beneficence towards the populations we serve.

Intervene Upstream requires that all patient names be changed and all protected health information (PHI), as prescribed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), be omitted from articles.

4. Differences of Opinion

Articles on Intervene Upstream are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of their educational institutions, Intervene Upstream, the Intervene Upstream staff, or Pager Publications, Inc., the supporting organization of Intervene Upstream.