Finding diamonds in the rough since August 20th, 2019.

Intervene Upstream is looking for curious and kind writers who are passionate about public health issues, graduate training, and professional development. Intervene Upstream is a unique opportunity to be involved in a student-centered publication and develop your career in public health writing, education, and outreach. The opportunity to publish is a fantastic learning experience for first-time writers, and we welcome experienced the craft of experienced writers as well. 

The publication accepts submissions in the format of personal narrative essays, opinion pieces, journalism, popular science articles, and literary fiction written by graduate students interested in public health. 

We publish on a rolling basis, with our launch scheduled for August 20th. 

The editorial board, consisting entirely of graduate students, will accept submissions related to public health topics (i.e. harm reduction, social determinants, health disparity, international health), graduate studies (i.e.reflections on studies, student advocacy, pedagogy), and professional development (i.e. career planning, advice from professionals).

We loosely define graduate students as anyone 1 year before or after any type of Master’s, Professional, or Ph.D. program.

Open Leadership Positions

Outreach Director:

Aim: To direct the social media presence, branding, and promotion of
the journal to graduate students in public health.


  • Design and implement social media strategy alongside EIC;
  • Promote the journal and new articles on social media platforms;
  • Engage public health programs to introduce the journal to coordinators;
  • Develop press releases and press kits;
  • Create resources to be used locally for tabling, etc.

Write and Edit for us

We accept submissions from 500 words to 3200 words, in any of the formats listed above. Photographs or images are welcome; if they contain images of people we will need a photograph release form or the images must be copyright free.

Contributing Writer
We encourage all graduate students interested in public health to submit to our publication! We welcome articles about all topics and in any style, from opinions to news reports to artistic endeavors to something completely outside of the box.

A graduate student who publishes at least once every quarter on a specific topic or theme.

Staff Writer
A graduate student who publishes at least once every month across a wide variety of themes

Guest Writer
Submissions from undergraduates, professionals, academics, and community members welcome if the piece is relevant to graduate students interested in public health; usually, these will be pieces around professional development or graduate studies.

Content Editors
Work with writers and the editorial board to polish submitted work from authors.

Social Media Outreach Team
Submit and engage with our audience through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photographers and Visual Designers
Provide photo projects, or help take photos for existing articles and/or social media outreach.