Call for Submissions: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Public Health

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the core of public health, and public health students and professionals are increasingly recognizing the need for DEI in their research, study spaces, and practice. Many of the individuals and communities most affected by gaps in DEI are vulnerable populations, such as individuals with physical or mental disabilities, people who are low income or resource poor, immigrants and members of minority groups, and members of certain religious sects. The fact of their vulnerability underscores the systemic nature of disadvantage and reinforces the lack of DEI across fields. It is important to understand how these groups are defined, as well as the driving factors behind their exclusion, for the full scope of the problem to be addressed. This call for abstracts invites you to share your thoughts and experiences on incorporating DEI into your personal and professional public health experience.

Important information for submission:

Types of submissions: We accept a broad range of formats, including personal narrative essays, opinion pieces, journalism, popular science articles, literary fiction, poetry, film, photography, illustrations, mixed media, audio, and graphic designs. Most of our written pieces are similar to op-ed pieces.

Images: We invite and encourage image submissions to accompany all written work. Images may be original or not. Include relevant citations for all images (artist name, link to work if available), and indicate that images are royalty-free or you have permission to use them.

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