Call for Submissions: Imagination and Art in Public Health

We call upon your creativity for this series on Imagination and Art in Public Health!

Create something fun for our publication! We are looking for ways that you want to express yourself through many different mediums – whether that’s film, sculpture, drawing, graphic design, audio, etc.! Let’s see what our community can come up with!

Beyond creating art pieces themselves for submission, we would love to see non-fiction submissions related to graduate students and public health content (e.g., Incorporating an art/imagination practice into your life as a graduate student, or the importance of art in mental health promotion).

Potential Topic Ideas

1.) Graduate student life
2.) Public Health in the Community
3.) History of Public Health
4.) Portraits of Classmates

Important information for submission:

Types of submissions: We accept a broad range of format: poetry, film, photography, illustrations, prose, sculpture, fiction, mixed media, audio, sketches, graphic designs, non-fiction essays.
Deadline to submit: November 1, 2019
Images: Please include images with relevant citations; indicate they are royalty-free, or that you have permission to use them.
How to submit: Our Submit to Us page or via email.

Please email with additional questions!

Nicky Tettamanti

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