Call for Submissions: Bias and Public Health

We call upon your understandings, experiences, and reflections about bias in healthcare.

We are looking for pieces that address bias in public health, healthcare, social work, etc. Preferential treatment of one group at the expense of another or discrimination based on perceived or actual group characteristics fall into our lens of bias. The pernicious effects of bias can be seen through group-level differences in health between marginalized groups and those who are better off. These types of bias cluster, causing ill health effects in populations grouped by race, class, gender, sex, ability, and immigration status to name a few. How can we bring to light and mitigate oppression?

We hope to see submissions related to your own experiences encountering biases, ways to reduce bias, acknowledgment of bias systemically hidden from view, etc. These can occur within your educational path, during internships/jobs, as a patient, as a witness (though be cautious about sharing someone else’s story), or through your own research.

Beyond this, we will continue to accept submissions for previous calls: why public health, creativity in public health, and the future of social work.

Beyond creating art pieces themselves for submission, we would love to see non-fiction submissions related to graduate students and public health content (e.g., Incorporating an art/imagination practice into your life as a graduate student, or the importance of art in mental health promotion).

Important information for submission:

Types of submissions: We accept a broad range of format: poetry, film, photography, illustrations, prose, sculpture, fiction, mixed media, audio, sketches, graphic designs, non-fiction essays.
Deadline to submit: April 5, 2020
Images: Please include images with relevant citations; indicate they are royalty-free, or that you have permission to use them.
How to submit: Our Submit to Us page or via email.

Please email with additional questions!

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