Series 3 – Underlying: Reflections on Condition

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Illustrated by Kayleigh Barrett.

Our team and writers diligently worked through the current crisis unfolding across the world. We firmly believe that this is a unique time to understand, and intervene upon, the fundamental causes of health. Many of these pieces address what lies beneath the surface. Regardless of where we are in the world, we can all agree that the beginning of the decade has brought many new changes and experiences to the livelihood of ourselves and our communities. In this issue, we share the student stories on the many underlying experiences amidst a global crisis.

We are incredibly proud to present Issue 3 of Intervene Upstream – Underlying: Reflections of Condition.




Mentor Interviews

Media Review

We would like to thank everyone who has submitted to the publication and continues to grow with us through our second issue; please help us in continuing to give power to public health: one graduate student at a time.

Nicky Tettamanti

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