Series 1 – Why Public Health?

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Our Inaugural Issue has the theme of Why Public Health. Custom image.

We humbly present the inaugural release of Intervene Upstream. Throughout this week, we hope to showcase a variety of articles and creative work from our talented and passionate peers. 

In this ongoing series “Why Public Health,” we curate the many distinct and transformational narratives of our peers working in public health alongside us. We recognize everyone came to this point in their lives with their personal experience and individual passions in mind, and we aim to give everyone’s story a spotlight.

As we all know, our population is made up of unique stories and perspectives in life, and as such, our field does as well. In showcasing our colleague’s narratives, we hope to publicize the importance of public health and to broaden our community voice.

We hope that you feel empowered and inspired by reading these stories, and we invite you to share yours with us as well.

The articles you have to look forward to this week include:

August 20:

August 21:

August 22:

August 23:

August 25:

Thank you so much for your support and we hope that you share the stories that you identify with or learned from. We encourage you to join our community and to be part of the conversation! 

Nicky Tettamanti

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